When you have paid for a photoshoot and have received your images I know the excitement is unreal to finally get them printed so you can display them and show them off.  But beautiful images deserve beautiful prints I am collaborated with my lab so my prints are exactly the same colour as what I am seeing in front of me and they will be sharp and clear.  I have had many clients that have decided to print them themselves and unfortunately this wasn't the case for them, and I can't be held responsible if this happens to you as I don't know where you are getting them printed.  When purchasing prints from myself I have nearly every size you can think of (I have listed my most popular below) and 4 different options for the finish of the print.  I have put a brief description of each option for you.


For a bright and vibrant look, the Gloss print finish makes for an exceptional display. Its reflective finish presents images in stunning definition.


A beautiful shining paper that is perfect for those showstopping images. The Metallic print finish adds a sheen to images with an almost reflective appearance. 


This may be the classic style of print finish your clients are the most familiar with. Its matt surface means the light won’t reflect and obscure the image and it retains its colour to create beautiful, vibrant images.


The newest photographic finish available. This tactile, smooth finish is non-reflective and creates a beautifully accurate colour and pure whites.

         Lustre      Gloss      Metallic      Velvet

4x6    £4.50       £4.50           -                -

5x7    £6.50       £6.50           -                -

6x8    £8           £8                -                - 

8x10   £10         £10             £12             £12

8x12   £12         £12              £15            £15

10x12  £13         £13             £18             £18

16x20 £25        £25             £30            £30

18x22 £30        £30             £35            £35

26x30 £45       £45             £55            £55