By Gemma Langley Photography

My Approach To Boudoir Photography

I like to describe my work as elegant, stylish and classy with the boudoir shoot itself being completely bespoke.

The boudoir shoots take place in Oakdale, Blackwood in the safety of my own home and in my garden studio.  Being a woman photographer I understand how you will be feeling how you see yourselves and your body and most importantly how you want to be photographed.

I have also done my own boudoir shoot so I know how nervous it can be but seeing those final results will be amazing!!

Who Books A Boudoir Session

There are many reasons why people would want to book a boudoir shoot, it may be for self love.  Being human we are always hard on ourselves about our insecurities of our bodies for various reasons.  Having a boudoir shoot can be very empowering and a massive confidence boost.  Some brides like to have a boudoir shoot before the big day to give the images to their groom or vice versa.

My Boudoir Photography Style

There are many different styles of photography people don't always know what to expect.  Below is two samples. We have bright and airy which gives a more innocent and sweet vibe to your boudoir shoot and dark and moody which will give your photographs a very mysterious, sultry vibe.

Whilst deciding which you prefer there are also a few different levels of boudoir you would want to do these are below.

I let you decide how far you want to go I won't ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with.


The Flirt

Keeping mostly covered up just showing a bit skin for a little tease

Ooh la la

Showing more skin at one time but still leaving a little to the imagination

Oh Hello

Going all out, topless with or without a little cover up

So Much Choice...

then we have the packages. Each package is designed with everyone in mind. It is simply deciding which is the right one for you.