Birthday Session


Hello, I am so happy you have booked a birthday photoshoot. You are only one (two or three) once, that is why

it is nice to help celebrate it with a photoshoot.  Having the photos is a perfect way to keep those memories

alive and something your little one can look back on when they are older!  Plus who doesn't love a whole cake to


When choosing a photographer you want someone who you can connect with and put your trust in.  I have worked with children and babies for over 12 years and have 2 children of my own.  I am also very easy to talk to and enjoy hearing peoples stories.


Welcome to the studio!


My studio is located in Oakdale, Blackwood NP12.  I have a purpose built studio in my back garden where it is lovely and quiet.  When you arrive they will be space for you to park but please ensure you don’t park in the way of any neighbours driveways, and please drive respectfully across the street.  Please message me when you arrive and I will come out to greet you I will then lead you through the side gate into the back garden, please be aware that the studio is on an upper level garden.  Inside the studio everything will be set up and ready to go there is a sofa for you to get comfortable.  Children will need to be kept by you and are not allowed to run around the studio, there is a lot of very expensive equipment this will also be in your contract that you will need to sign.  When the photographs are being taken I would very much appreciate it if you don’t call the children as I need them looking at me, if I need help to get the children looking I will ask you for help. There is also a no photo policy, there is a reason you have payed me to take your photos so please no photos on your mobile phones.




Below is the packages I offer, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.


The package with the biggest saving is the Cake Smash & Splash package which is saving you a total of 68.50 as compared to if everything was purchased separately. The package in which you would receive more for your money 

is the Deluxe Cake Smash & Splash.




There is a variety of products I offer in which you can showcase your beautiful images.  Some of these products are available to view in the studio.  If you do purchase digital images please be aware I cannot be held responsible if you get your images printed elsewhere and they are not to a high quality.  I have my computer collaborated with my lab to ensure that all prints, canvases, acrylics etc are printed exactly how they should be.  On my product list I have put the most popular sizes, if you wish for a size that is not listed please ask.  If you wish to purchase an album, phonebook or portfolio Box this can either be done via your gallery or message.


After your session.


Once your session is complete I will sort through all the images and will fully edit all the images I feel are satisfactory to be included in your gallery.  Once I have uploaded your gallery I will send it via e-mail.  The e-mail will contain all the information you will need so please read it carefully.